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Coffee Diversion Safe

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Weight 0.75 lbs

Start your day off right by ensuring your success and peace of mind. Introducing our Coffee Diversion Safe, the ultimate solution for keeping your valuable items hidden and protected from prying eyes. Designed to look like a regular can of coffee, this clever safe holds a special surprise. Simply unscrew the bottom, and within seconds, you’ll reveal a discreet compartment perfect for storing small items like cash, jewelry, or spare keys. With an interior dimension size of 2 7/8″ x 3 1/2″, this must-have safe fits seamlessly into any pantry or kitchen cupboard. Say goodbye to worrying about where to hide your valuables. With our Coffee Diversion Safe, you can trust that your possessions are secure. It’s time to take control and start each day with peace of mind.

Features include:
– Authentic coffee label for added discretion
– Reliable protection for your valuable possessions
– Ideal for hiding in your kitchen or pantry
– Internal measurement of 2 7/8″ x 3 1/2″